American Postal Workers Union of Maine, AFL-CIO

The APWU of Maine serves the members of the Clerk, Maintenance and Motor Vehicle Crafts for the State of Maine who are not part of a Local or Area Local.

The State organization serves in concert with the Locals to provide communication, organization, and education to our represented members throughout the State of Maine.

The objectives of the American Postal Workers Union of Maine, AFL-CIO shall be to unite the postal employees in one brotherhood for their social and economic advancement and to aid in the perfection of the Postal Service.  It has been demonstrated by past experience that the trade movement as exemplified in the American Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO is the best and most practical method for advancing the interest of all wage earners.  Therefore, we desire to remain in full affiliation with that body.  It shall be the purpose of the American Postal Workers Union of Maine, AFL-CIO to advance the interest of the postal employees and Postal Service, and to aid all workers in distress.

We favor an amalgamation of all postal employees organization and affiliation of this amalgamated body with the American Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO.

We recognize the fact that arbitration is the last resort in the adjustment of our grievances.

We favor an affiliation of all postal employees and the affiliation of this body with the AFL-CIO, the Maine State Labor Council AFL-CIO, and their local Central Labor Union Council.


OWCP/FEHB Refunds - Any eligible employee that was affected by the stoppage of refunds, please contact the Union for instructions on re-initializing payments.  Payments were suspended last August due to OWCP suspending the transfer of information to the Service.

Maine Locals

Portland Maine Area Local

President Tim Doughty

Vice President Kathy Condon

Sec/Treas Bill Gilchrest

Armand Rowe Area Local

Augusta Local

President Paul Brawn

Vice President William Leavitt

Treasurer Keneth Lucas

PO Box 333

Augusta Maine 04332-0333

Bangor Area Local

Presque Isle Local

Waterville Local

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